10 Symptoms of Vitamin Deficiency


Although we generally associate vitamin deficiency with third world countries, the reality is that this is a more common problem in developed nations than most people realize. We may not experience this problem with the same frequency or severity as, say, poor parts of India, South America and Africa, but the problem is often found in the US, especially among the poor, the homeless, the elderly, and those not covered by health insurance.

In addition, the American diet has become riddled with fast food, processed food, and genetically modified foods.  As a result, many Americans think they are eating healthy, but in fact they are not getting the vitamins and nutrients from their food that they think they are getting, leading to a false sense of security that could affect their health.

As with any other medical issue to be wary of, the important thing is to be well-informed. You can start the process by knowing what the basic symptoms are. Having one or even a few of the following symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have a vitamin deficiency, but the more of these symptoms you detect the higher the chances - something best determined by seeing a healthcare professional and ordering a micronutrient test as soon as possible. Be sure to click through each of the 10 symptoms:

1. Lack of appetite and loss of weight. Naturally, this is one symptom that should always be taken very seriously, regardless of the etiology. Some medical signs to look out for include changes in the color of the tongue, glossitis (inflammation & abnormally smooth appearance of tongue), unhealthy looking gums, and rapid, excessive and unexplainable loss of body weight.

6/23/2023 4:00:00 AM
Fred Fletcher
Written by Fred Fletcher
Fred Fletcher is a hard working Consumer Advocacy Health Reporter. Education: HT-CNA; DT-ATA; MS/PhD Post-Graduate Certificates/Certifications: • Project Management • Food Safety • HIPAA Compliance • Bio-statistical Analysis & Reporting • Regulatory Medical Writing • Life Science Programs Theses & Dis...
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Posted by mimbaya
I agree with this topic.
Posted by Quan Nguyen
In my opinion, you have just the right amount of symptoms. I did not know that the symptoms I am having (tiredness) could be linked to vitamin C deficiency. But, I will up the vitamin C rich foods to my diet.

I eat only certified organic produce or organic produce from local organic farmers because the use of herbicides (being mineral chelators) can block the mineral nutrients from being taken up by the plants. And although I don't understand how the good bacteria in our bodies creates vitamins, the more toxic agriculture the less nutrition, I've learned from scientific studies. Hence, I stick to organically grown produce and eating vegan definitely helps me obtain nutrition with a nutrition-rich vegan diet.
Posted by Susan
There's only one way to know for sure which you did say... get regular blood work. But I might add that you need to specifically request a micronutrient test.

A micronutrient test measures your body’s absorption of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients into your white blood cells. Getting one of these non-fasting micronutrient blood test tells you if you have a vitamin deficiency and gives you a plan of action how to correct it.
Posted by John Valenty
I agree that it would be nice to put what vitamins we may be deficient in along with the symptoms.
Posted by MIchele
It would have been helpful if each symptom had been followed by the name of the main vitamin deficiency causing it, as was done only with Vitamin A deficiency and its symptoms. Then the reader would know what action to take.
Posted by Val
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