Senior Care

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Senior Care Summary:
Senior Care is the temporary or long term care for senior citizens with specific and unique needs. Senior care can be medical or non-medical, and can include hospice care, in home care, nursing homes, or assisted living.

Senior Care FAQs:
What is Senior Care?

Senior Care is the fulfillment of specific and unique needs for senior citizens.

What are the different types of Senior Care?
Senior Care can involve hospice care, assisted living, nursing home, or in home care. It can be medical or non-medical and is designed to help senior citizens age with dignity and retain some level of independence.

What is the difference between medical and non-medical Senior Care?
Medical senior care is required when the senior citizen has a specific physical or mental disease or condition that requires consistent medical attention. Non-medical senior care satisfies the social and physical requirements of senior citizens, including assistance with daily activities, and mild health care.

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